Thanks 2020, I couldn’t of done it without you.

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Ever felt like a ball bouncing through a pinball machine? Welcome to my life. I’ve been moving from one flashy thing to another, jumping for people’s attention and praying I’ll land in the coveted target. I didn’t realize how exhausting it all was until the world forced me to slow down.

As the calendar changes, so has my sense of self. I am learning to let the glam, hustle, and hype go. I’ve ditched the pinball machine for a slower, less stressful pace. Because a high-speed life is overrated and slowing down has its benefits.

The benefits of slowing down are numerous. Research has found that when we’re idle, we allow our minds to wander. And that daydreaming makes us more creative, better at problem-solving, and better at coming up with creative ideas. …

Exploring patterns between the heavens, history, and humanity.

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“Perhaps there is a pattern set up in the heavens for one who desires to see it, and having seen it, to find one in himself.” — Plato

Whether we want to attribute it to unprecedented events or rare astrological alignments, the Earth is changing. It’s as if we have woken up from a slumber, and the dream that felt so life-like has disappeared from our minds.

We’re not in Kansas anymore. We are facing new realities coming at us from all directions. It feels overwhelming, exhilarating, terrifying, or thrilling.

There’s no right or wrong way to feel, but there is an opportunity to expand and evolve. …

According to astrological cycles.

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I sent the following article out to my email list and I wanted to extend the message to those of you here on Medium. I won’t continue to do this, but feel the message deserves sharing at this pivotal time. So, here’s an analogy to help make sense of the Universe.

A Balloon Popping

The current energies are loud and have been building since the summer. Picture a balloon that continues to grow, grow and grow until it hits the popping point. That’s where we are at this January. Something has to give, especially anything that’s been bubbling since July.

In July, Mars began an extended stay in Aries. On January 6th it finally left to enter Taurus. This is a big ending, and on January 20th when Mars joins Uranus there’s a massive new beginning. Read more about those transits here. …

According to current astrological transits.

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I sent the following article out to my email list and had such a great response I wanted to extend the message to those of you here on Medium. Here’s an analogy to help make sense of the Universe.

A Surprise Party

Astrologically we have entered uncharted territory. It’s natural to feel nervous or uncomfortable in the unknown. But if we think about it like a surprise party, then we can open ourselves to the possibilities this new year holds.

Imagine your friends or family are acting weird. You keep asking them what’s up but they aren’t responding. You don’t know why everything feels confusing, until they jump out when you least expect it in celebration! …

Drawing parallels between celestial cycles, current events, history and what it means to be alive.

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Does it feel like you are living in a pressure cooker? Like something has got to give? From an astrological perspective, it’s intense out there. The pressure is here for a reason, and we are each a player in these epic times.

We can look at the stars’ symbolism for guidance and understanding. From there, it’s up to us to bridge the gap between the potential and our realities. We do this by remembering who we are and what it means to be alive.

I don’t use astrology to predict the future, and I do not see it as a science. Instead, as an astrologer, I consider myself an artist. Who is to say whether art is right or wrong? When something moves us, there’s a reason for it. My work uses the celestial characters (the planets) and their settings (the zodiac signs) to provide context to what’s unfolding on Earth. …

New year, same you.

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I grew up in a larger body, and like many others, the world taught me to despise my size. I was continually shaming, judging, and blaming my body. It felt as though a dark cloud of despair constantly loomed over me. New year’s resolutions brought pressure, restrictions, and the determination to change and shrink my body.

When I was 19, I discovered astrology. I learned about the birth chart and what it meant. Essentially this tool is a map of where the planets were when an individual was born. Astrology gave me a different perspective of myself. …

Understanding and unleashing this astrological archetype.

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Astrology is an ancient school of thought running deeper than Sun signs and horoscopes. There are many aspects, celestial bodies, and archetypes to explore. My favorite symbolism to explore is Black Moon Lilith. Discovering her energy was a total game-changer for me. Lilith’s symbolism runs deeper than just astrology. She’s present in various myths, legends, and mystical teachings. Let’s explore what exactly is Black Moon Lilith, her story, and how we can unleash this energy.

Technically Speaking

From a technical perspective, Black Moon Lilith is the Moon’s apogee, which essentially means she’s the Moon’s orbit’s farthest point from the Earth. Essentially Black Moon Lilith isn’t a celestial body. …

According to astrology.

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Astrology isn’t just about our personal zodiac signs, characteristics, and horoscopes. We can look back at astrological transits throughout history and compare them to the current astrology in hopes of understanding what the heck is going on.

Following astrology transits helps us make educated choices. It’s not that the planets are controlling us, and they can’t be used to predict the future. Instead, astrology offers context to our experiences and gets us excited for what is to come.

When we look at astrological transits, it’s like receiving a cosmic weather forecast. From there, we can choose how to move forward.

For example, if we know it’s going to rain, we can bring our umbrella. …

What is this astrological alignment and why does it matter?

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It’s a legendary time to be alive, and like true legends, it’s not a smooth path. 2020 has had some rugged terrain. This year has uprooted many and shaken us to our core. We’ve had to face the unknown and let go of control. We have had to surrender. We are looking at the systems and just how broken they are. It’s easy to feel despair.

Like any good story, there will be drama. The plot thickens before it gets better. As we look forward to the end of the year, there is hope. …

From character development to editing during retrogrades.

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In November 2019, I decided to write a fiction novel for Nanowrimo. I had attempted the challenge many times; always burning out, quitting and failing. This go around I wanted to experiment and have fun with it. For each of my characters , I would use an astrological archetype. I had one character based on the Sun’s symbolism, another on Mercury, and the plot of the story followed the cycles of the Zodiac. Not only did I win Nanowrimo, but the process was fluid and easy.

As an astrologer, I do a lot of writing about the planetary transits and how they influence individuals on Earth. Through honing my writing practice, I learned how astrology and its archetypes can help all writers, not just astrologers. It has helped me gauge my moods and energy levels and inspired the characters within my stories. …


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